In memory

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it!

Post this on your journal if you know someone who has or had cancer.

Here's to the survivors, who soldier on, and to those whom cancer has claimed.

Ganked from warriorbard63

Ganked from warriorbard63

MEME: Go over to Wikipedia and enter your birth date (month/day) and then pick 3 events, 2 births and 1 holiday that occurred on the day of your birthday. Then post the results.

43 BC - The Second Triumvirate alliance of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus ("Octavian", later "Caesar Augustus"), Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and Mark Antony is formed.
1476 - Vlad III Dracula defeats Basarab Laiota with the help of Stephen the Great and Stephen V Bathory and becomes the ruler of Wallachia for the third time.
1789 - A national Thanksgiving Day is observed in the United States as recommended by President George Washington and approved by Congress.

1607 - John Harvard, English-born clergyman (d. 1638)
1922 - Charles M. Schulz, American cartoonist (d. 2000)

Mongolia: Proclamation Day
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And now here I am, basically saying... if you have to stay at a hotel, try and avoid ExtendedStay and the rest of their chain (or at least the Columbia, MD location). Even though their staff is polite and friendly, the rest of my experience here makes it an "Avoid" in my book. Normally I don't leave any of my posts public, but given this experience I figure that for this I will leave this viewable by those I don't know in order to warn them of potential problems they may experience here.
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Thanks for the loaner car!

Well after spending a good portion of yesterday driving up past Albany for work, now I get to drive to Maryland for work yet again... yay. Anyway my boss wasn't in today so I told him I was just going to keep the loaner I had from yesterday for my drive and I'd return it on monday...

I kind of like not putting the mileage on my own car, but then it's not my car, which I know exactly how it is going to perform, etc. But it's a 5 series so it's roomy and the automatic will be nice if I get stuck in traffic (god I hope not). Only downside is that it smells like smoke, which, when used to smoke a lot while driving and now is working on kicking the habit can be mildly annoying. Maybe I'll pick up a car freshener or something.

In other news ToV was enjoyable. I would put it around a B+ rating. Decent and fun, not their best event, but no where near any of the really bad events I've had at some other games. That bank of humidity that seemed to park itself in the camp (while the fog was cool visually) wiped me. Luckilly I wasn't wearing my armor for long portions of the event (which was also a bad thing, but nothing to do with staff stuff). I came away with a smile, some various sore spots and the realization I need to spar more, because I was aweful rusty.

Anyway off to laundry and packing and stuff...

Small geek report

Due to a recent failure on my motherboard, I recently had to upgrade my pc. Went from an AMD 64 3500 , Asus A8N-SLI w/ 1g ddr to a AMD X2 (dual core) 3800 , Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe w/ 1g ddr2.

Overall performance difference: Negligible gain. The only except to this is multi-tasking which has improved greatly.

Overall heat: System running much much cooler. A lot quieter thanks to the "heat pipe" on the new board replacing what used to be a small (and at least w/ the old board, and I replaced it twice) and loud fan on the southbridge.

Overall power consumption: Slightly lower.

I'm thinking that the performance will improve once they start revising the drivers a bit more (since they are still relatively new).

Now back to things a bit less technical :)

Heh I got a bit lost in Zahnie's dungeon :)

I escaped from the Dungeon of Zahnarabai!

I killed Ampersand the fire elemental, Nervy Girl the goblin, Quaver the fire elemental, Anela the kobold, Dreverytrousers the nymph, Saxikath the owlbear, Kvarko the dragon, Lucael the giant spider, Girliegoalie the kobold, Icicole the leprechaun, Macbeth897 the mind flayer, Thepupp the minotaur, Athena799 the giant spider, Narbeleth the nymph, Pk2317 the fire elemental, Bazzleelf the troll, Kittenexploring the mind flayer, Melamitra the fire elemental, Guitarchick85 the dragon, Adamthealien the floating eye, Metacortex the orc, Diagonti the minotaur, Choctaw0 the gelatinous cube, Angebunnie the troll, Zymyrgy the zombie, Prettypandee the dragon, Harmonyjoy the cockatrice, Amatadlc the troll, Aslaug Vorsaga the floating eye, Wilperegrine the fire elemental, Danctrf the minotaur, Sarah C the owlbear, Dcltdw the nymph, Tenwii the gelatinous cube, Irrationalfire the minotaur, Frost Faerie the orc, Oxlexiangelxo the leprechaun, Azetidine the goblin and Steamknight the dragon.

I looted the Dagger of Gossamerspider, the Sword of Sex, the Axe of Diegodefy, the Wand of X-men, the Sword of Lordavon, a Figurine of Torilgrey, the Dagger of Animation, the Amulet of Vectormouse, the Amulet of Boston, the Axe of Avocadoes, the Sceptre of Therion76, the Sceptre of Garren Fa Liss, the Sceptre of Cruxshadows, the Crown of Peeebers, the Sword of Falln Caryatid, the Sceptre of Cranberries, the Armour of Thepmpknking, the Wand of Flogging Molly, the Dagger of Tanaigre, the Sword of Scifipoinsettia, the Armour of Wit and 1163 gold pieces.

Score: 1438

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