Random musings

26 November
Let's see, what to put here... I guess some basics.

I used to do IT work, mostly support. Then when things went south in the market, I had to move back outta Mass to NY. After some time I went to school for automotive, and now I'm a mechanic working on BMW's after a brief stint at Ford dealer.

Course when I was younger, I never pictured myself where I am now. I had originally went to school, and burned myself out, trying to pull off a dual Bio/Chem major. I realized that it just wasn't for me (plus I got booted for my own stupidity... yes too much drinking can be a bad thing). Got a job and went to a local community college, to get a AS degree, in order to get into my first IT tech job, which isn't where I ended up anyway :).

At least the ride's been enjoyable thanks to new friends here and there along the way.